Egress Window FAQ's


Q:What if I have a bedroom in the basement?

A: If you have a bedroom in the basement, the egress window must be located within the bedroom. If you have two bedrooms in the basement, two egress windows must be installed, one within each bedroom.


Q: My basement is finished; can you still install the egress window system?

A: Absolutely. Approximately 80% of our installations are performed in finished basements. We go through the normal installation procedures outside the house. However, the inside is protected from damage or debris generated during the installation process. After the rough work is performed and window is installed, the City inspection must be completed. Once City inspector has signed off on the egress window install, the interior can be refinished by others to match the existing decor as if the window had always been there.


Q: How quickly can I get an estimate?

A: Instantly! Call us today for your free no obligation instant estimate @ 612-231-0010. We will discuss your home, listen to your needs, make recommendations, and provide you with a guaranteed price for your new egress window.


Q: How do you prevent my well from filling up with water?

A: First, proper drainage. For preventative measures, we dig a drainage resevior in the bottom of the well within the pea-gravel basin. Second, egress well covers are an option and can be used with the metal well. The cover, as the name implies, covers the well preventing water from entering the well from above and they are designed to shed water away from the house out into the yard.


Q: Do you guarantee against water leaks?

A: First, our egress windows should never leak due to our installation. Homeowner maintenance is part of having an egress window installed. If we install a water management system, we warranty. However, sump pumps have a limited warranty. If we need to tap into an existing exterior system,no, we cannot be responsible for another company's work, regardless of who they are. If there is an existing water drainage issue near the proposed installation location, it must be addressed prior to the installation of the egress system. The manufacturers of our windows guarantee them against leaks due to seal failures and stress cracks in the glass. The term of the warranty usually depends on which design you choose from different manufacturers.


Q: I would like my window installed near utilities - is that a problem?

A: No. In ALL instances, we call gopher state which prompts all of the utility companies that provide services to your home to come out and mark the area where their lines and pipes are buried. We hand dig our excavation area so extra caution is always taken. 


Q: You are cutting into the foundation - will that weaken the structure?

A: Not with The Egress Window Company install. There are basically two scenarios. Scenario One, which is 95% of the time - we are cutting into an area which has virtually no loads bearing upon it (this is usually where the builder installs the standard basement windows). However, sometimes we are cutting into an area, which may have load bearing on it. If this is the scenerio, we apply a header above the window to distribute the weight. Rest assured, no mistakes are made, and the structural integrity of your house is never compromised.


Q: I have a stone foundation, is that a problem?

A: Not for The Egress Window Company. We have a mason who works with us on these types of installations. We dig the hole and the mason takes over. The mason takes the stone wall apart to create the required rough opening within the stone foundation. He installs an engineered steel angle to support the remaining stone above the opening. Then we proceed as usual with the remainder of the installation.


Q: How long will it take to install an egress window system?

A: We can usually complete the installation in one day, sometimes we ask for two days for multiple windows and Timber. If you have a finished basement, and you choose The Egress Window Company to finish the interior window trim, a second trip is required after the City has approved the window install. 


Q: Will there be a mess left behind?

A: No. We remove all job related debris in every project we undertake. Disposal of the concrete which was cut out of the foundation wall is included in our package price. We can take away all of the excavation dirt for an additional fee. We utilize a portion of the excavated dirt by backfilling the cavity between the well and the earth. Then, we do our best to be sure that there are no traces of us ever being there. Whether you have a finished basement or an unfinished basement, it will be cleaned upon completion of the installation.


Q: Do I need a permit for the work?

A: Yes. A permit is required in all local, city, county municipalities for this type of work. We will complete and submit all of the paperwork required to obtain the permit unless otherwise already obtained. Your building permit fee for the Egress window is INCLUDED in our Package pricing.


Q: Do you have the proper Insurance coverage and are you a licensed contractor?

A: Yes, we are insured which is also required to be a licensed contractor. We hold a Minnesota Residential Building Contractors License which is required in order to pull the permit for your egress install. In addition to holding insurance and a license, we are an EPA Lead Certified Firm.


Q: I have decided to use The Egress Window Company - how do we begin?

A: Excellent choice! Give The Egress Window Company a call right now @ 612-231-0010! Since we offer different designs, we must determine which one best meets your needs and desires. Call now and we can give you a proposal over the phone. After that we can schedule the project; or allow you some time to consider our proposal. If you like, feel free to get other estimates! Regardless, we are here to answer any questions you might have, and we hope to be your egress window contractor of choice - for life!



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